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    Sexing The Dempsey

    ok ive often been asked at work, and online how to tell the sex of a Jack Dempsey. lets start with some basics a Jack is a lot harder to sex then most cichlids but if you know what your doing its a breeze. first you really cant tell the difference between male and female until about 5in (IMO), theres a few ways to tell the sex of your jack one way is the fins, as with most cichlids the males the Dorsal fin and Anal fin will be pointed ( the other way to tell is the amount of blue scales on the jacks gill plate, if there are a lot of blue scales and they are compact it indicates female, if there is less blue scales and they are spread out this indicates a male.

    here are some pics to help you. (these are not my fish)

    a female can you see all the blue?

    a male notice the difference between the two?

    I hope this answers anyones question and i hope this get stickyed

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    males also tend to be larger as they age

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    Size is a great indication the female will be more torpedo shaped and the male will be more brut and blunt (taller). My make is almost double the size of my female.

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    Hi Kyle,
    Some good info there on JDS.
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    ok so then what is this??? has characteristics of both male female splotted female face bulky big 10inches of male and spanglingName:  5L55Kb5Mc3F93N53Hbc423d3e12b711dd1600.jpg
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