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    What Causes Argentine Sword Leaves to Brown?

    I purchased an Argentine Sword plant a few days ago and a few of the leaves have started to turn brown. Does anybody know what is causing the browning to occur? Anything that I can do to prevent it?
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    My sword leaves eventually turn brown. In my case it is a type of algae. It makes so many leaves that I just prune them off when they get brown.
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    Swords (& many other plants) are often grown with the leaves out of the water (emersed). They grow faster but when you plant them underwater (submersed or immersed) the new leaves come different, usually shorter stems & more pointed leaves. the old emersed leaves will eventually die.

    Swords are root feeders & also like (need) an iron supplement. Yellowing leaves can be a sign of lack of iron.

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